Many women's health visits don’t actually require a physical exam. For any health concern that lends itself to counselling and being explored or resolved without an exam or testing you can have a video appointment with me through Maven. At your home or office, in your pajamas, if you like. How's that for convenient? And affordable: $18 for a 10 minute visit, $25 for 15 minutes!

Maven is a new service for connecting women’s health practitioners with their clients remotely via iPhone or iPad. Maven Clinic essentially works like a supercharged version of Skype but with added privacy protections and a built-in prescription and electronic health record interface. You can download Maven on your iPhone or iPad (Android app coming soon) by using this link:

(oddly, you can’t just get it by searching in the app store).

IMPORTANT! In order to identify yourself as my client YOU MUST input the credit code: 


HOW TO: Download the app, create your account (email /password no credit card info) then go to Account Settings, click Referrals & Promotions and enter the code under Apply Maven Credits (plus you’ll get $5 off your first visit)!


  • You might just need a prescription refill, or have a familiar UTI or yeast infection that needs to be treated quickly

  • Maybe you have some nagging questions about your current or next birth control method, or other questions about your sexual health

  • You might be breastfeeding with a plugged milk duct and want to know how to resolve it without antibiotics. Or you’re going back to work and, yikes, how do you figure out pumping? Or you’re ready to wean but not sure how to start.

  • That pregnant friend you have with a question about something her doctor said to her about her upcoming birth? The one you emailed me about? She can visit with me on Maven to better understand the issue, talk through her options and get a second opinion if she wants one.

  • Maybe you are considering getting pregnant and need help better understanding your cycle or how best to prepare yourself physically (and emotionally?!)

  • You might have some questions about hormonal changes that you’re noticing as menopause looms nearer. (I know, I don’t really want to think about that one either…)

All of these (and many others not mentioned above) are great reasons to schedule a Maven visit with me!